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Hi, everyone! I’m in kind of a tough place with finances right now and it would mean a lot if you all could help me out by commissioning me ;o;

As stated above, it’s $15 for a commission and only an extra $10 for an additional character! If you are interested please email me at: venomousjello@aol(dot)com (also stated above)! Payment method is through paypal only!

As usual I’m pretty much open to drawing ANYTHING including nudity as long as it IS NOT pornographic or fetishy, sorry. You can look through my art tag for more examples of my art!

If you can’t commission please please help me out by reblogging this post and spreading the word! Thank you so much! ;u;

HEY PLEASE CONSIDER COMMISSIONING MY FRIEND VENO!!!!!!!!!!!! her art is beautifully amazing 

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