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Coloured it. 

Sketch —


AVA: So you’re a doctor?
Pepper: …

Slowly getting through this list of things to do finally. 
This took too damn long to do. 
Random RP inspired drawing. Oddly enough these two get on pretty well considering one kills for a living and the other heals for a living, pfft!

** Next drawing to be done tomorrow… (Something for a good friend :3)
After that finishing an old art trade.







Remember that discussion we had about how Forte.EXE’s shoulder armor folds in when he puts his cloak on?

IT LITERALLY DOES. Look at this reference guide. Specifically to the right upper corner.

It’s like his shoulders legit break or something, haha! Makes NO sense… since when he doesn’t have that cloak on the shoulder armour points UP. Maybe the cloak is magic? *creepy ghost noises* 
Not sure about the whole ‘folding’ thing. Some of the designs off to the right are ‘concept’ art, so the designs there aren’t the one used. 
To be honest I’m not sure what goes on with this guy’s shoulders when he puts that cloak on (or why he even HAS a cloak in the first place). While it makes him look mysterious and stuff it’s kind of pointless… unless he’s using it to hide that massive gashed scar on his chest? 
Either way… I have no idea lol I just draw it as it is when I do draw him (I prefer classic Bass, AH HEM) but otherwise I’d probably draw it properly. 

Found myself questioning this as well when I saw the design sheet at first, like… ‘Okay…?’

I think it was part aesthetics part trolling. They are data too, it’s possible Forte could just get rid o’ his shoulderpads at whim.

The reason I say part trolling is because the EXE design team had a rule that none of the navis should have cloth in their design.
…then Ishihara came along, got Forte as his first character to design, and went “LULZ broke the rule already!” (He even admits to it on the EXE Complete Works)

I love Ishihara. He cracks me up.

Thank you, Tabby, for bringing up the “data” point. These guys turn their hands into guns, swords, bigger hands, and all sorts of things on a whim; folding shoulder pads shouldn’t be that difficult to imagine. —LBD

Something I noticed very early on in the series was how the Navis’ joints worked when they bend at the elbow or knee. There’s no rumpling of fabric like you’d get with solid matter. It’s always a solid, clean crease… like you’d get from a CGI model not rigged with whatever fancy-dancy cloth simulators they’ve cooked up since.

It’s a subtle bit of art direction, but it’s consistently there through the entire series.

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